P2 Platinum Pilates

Adjacent to the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Mountain Brook, P2 Platinum Pilates offers the Classical system of Pilates, a unique body conditioning system of stretching and strengthening exercises developed nearly 100 years ago by Joseph Pilates.  The beautiful interiors by Heidi Core Interior Design provide a high-end retail front entry from Lane Parke Shopping Center, with the spacious […]

The E-Group

Heidi Core Interior Design provided the stunning interiors for The E-Group: “Specialized Recruiting for the Power Industry” Established in 2000, The E Group provides supplemental employees to the region’s most sought after power projects, such as Southern Company Services and Southern Nuclear Operating Company.  Visit Heidi Core Interior Design

The Marble Ring

The Marble Ring is an upscale cocktail bar located in the Avondale district of Birmingham, AL. Inspired by the spirit and style of a Roaring 20’s New York Speakeasy, entry into the bar is through a hidden door located in another of our projects; Hot Diggity Dogs. See The Marble Ring‘s first review, Happenin’s in the ‘Ham: “A Taste of […]

Avondale Brewery

Avondale Brewing Company started the radical transformation of Avondale from a neighborhood in sharp urban decline to a model for neighborhood revitalization and growth. Other local businesses and residents had certainly paved the way, but the overnight success of the Brewery brought the influx of people needed to kickstart 41st Street South as the core of Birmingham’s […]